Trestles by Osmose Le Bois Sas

Osmose Le Bois Sas Shows The Librans Trestles

Osmose Le Bois Sas, the author of the award winning design Award Winning Librans Trestles explicates, The pair of trestles Librans by Osmose le bois is a slender object that emphasizes a table top thanks to its graphic legs. Functional, it allows to <Cropped>

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Sanna Paakki's Väre Decorative Cushion

Sanna Paakki Shares The Väre Decorative Cushion

Sanna Paakki, the thinktank behind the award winning design Väre - Decorative cushion by Sanna Paakki illustrates, Väre cushion represents rough Nordic design. The outerior is made of genuine leather and 100 % felted wool. The style and quality h <Cropped>

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Lounge Chair:tirintas by Evangeline Pesigan

Evangeline Pesigan Spotlights The Tirintas Lounge Chair

Evangeline Pesigan, the creative mind behind the displayed project Lounge Chair:Tirintas by Evangeline Pesigan says, Tirintas is an abstract structural frame chair in metal wrapped with an outer screen of wood veneer. The design is inspired by cultur <Cropped>

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Printed Lighting Barrier Tape:eluminance by Duane Lye Dun Wei-Simtech

Duane Lye Dun Wei-Simtech Spotlights The Eluminance Printed Lighting Barrier Tape

Duane Lye Dun Wei - SIMTech, the maker of the highlighted work Printed Lighting Barrier Tape by Duane Lye Dun Wei - SIMTech explains, During police and civil defense operations, clear and concise instructions are essential to the success of the opera <Cropped>

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C. Pozzi and D. S. Rumbola's Leaves Radiator

C. Pozzi and D. S. Rumbola Designs The Leaves Radiator

C. Pozzi and D. S. Rumbola, the designer of the displayed design Leaves by C. Pozzi and D. S. Rumbola says, Leaves is infrared electric, the choice was made on the basis of an accurate research on new market trends in the field of heating. Its benefi <Cropped>

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Astra Make-Up-Company Re-Branding by Paul Robb-Salt&pepper

Paul Robb-Salt&pepper Presents The Astra Make-Up Company Re-Branding

Paul Robb - Salt&Pepper, the author of the displayed work Company Re-branding by Paul Robb - Salt&Pepper explicates, The power of the brand lies not only in its ability and vision, but also in communication. An easy to use catalogue filled wi <Cropped>

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Kris Lin's Woven Texture Living

Kris Lin Reveals The Woven Texture Living

Kris Lin, the architect of the awarded design Award Winning WOVEN TEXTURE Living illustrates, As a designer, I always need to consider not only space design, but also how to do better in achieving theme of the design with application of different mat <Cropped>

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Eco Board by Ljiljana Reljic & Snezana Cvetkovic

Ljiljana Reljic & Snezana Cvetkovic Presents The Smart Board Eco Board

Ljiljana Reljic & Snezana Cvetkovic, the architect of the displayed project eco board:smart board by Ljiljana Reljic & Snezana Cvetkovic explains, Smart boards, made from recycled materials, help kids to improve their knowledge, motor skills <Cropped>

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Far Line-Corporate Headquarter by Ling Zhou

Ling Zhou Reveals The Far Line Corporate Headquarter

Ling Zhou, the creator of the award winning project Corporate Headquarter by Ling Zhou explains, Slowly observe each location, showing a full of artistic and creative design vocabulary, all design extremely artificial, use or life continues to move f <Cropped>

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Bamboo Charcoal Ring-Moisture Absorption by Jimmy Chen

Jimmy Chen Designs The Bamboo Charcoal Ring Moisture Absorption

Jimmy Chen, the maker of the highlighted design Bamboo Charcoal Ring - Moisture Absorption by Jimmy Chen explains, Bamboo Charcoal Ring is a product that gives new vitality to the original activated carbon or desiccant products such as bagged pellets <Cropped>

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